The Odor Map

Materiality is one crucial element that forms the characteristics of my works, in that it is the material that shifts how one approaches an artwork, whether it be through visual, hearing, or scents. O†dour†Map†is an assemblage of various materials collected from various locations, curated and put in jars. These jars reveals a map of downtown Vancouver through scents. Each of the ten jars represents a different location in downtown Vancouver. Chinatown- I borrow some herbs from my mom and put them inside, because I have noticed that there are a lot of store that sell herbs and traditional Chinese medicine. And I also add some incense inside to make it smells like inside the temple. Waterfront Station- I just simply put a cotton that already absorb some liquid gas into the jar. Also, some flour to make the air inside denser. Canada Place- some seaweed, some fresh water, some home air fresher, a few pieces of lemon… yep, this is the smell of Canada Place especially for the hotels around it. Gastown- This place always smells super fresh and clean, and the restaurants on the both sides always smell like lemon water. And people walk by on this street most of time wear delightful […]
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Projection Mapping – Memory Puddle

For this mapping project, I had decided to make a video collage with the street scenes that near my old house from childhood. The inspiration comes from the feeling that appears sometimes during rainy days about my childhood memories and the time I spent with my family and friends back in China. The original idea is to project the video collage on the wall in order to create a sense of space, by using Madmapper to project different parts of the video on different walls, the project is able to make the audiences get lost in the space they are in. However, after talking to my instructor Simon about this idea, we both thought it is not powerful, interesting and engaging enough, and he came up with the suggestion, which is to project the video on the water puddles. I actually really love this idea because it is engaging but not very straight forward, it opens a way to invite the audiences to discover the project and the emotion behind it. While interacting with project, the audiences are also able to come up with their own understanding about spacial displacement and the meaning of time.
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