The Call


The Call is the first short film (it might be too short to be called real “film”) I have made as a final project for my visual effect compositing class.

The film or sequences I am going to make are related with my dream. The ultimate project seems a bit strange and does not make any sense due to the psychedelic atmosphere and the random objects appear in the shoots, but by combining all those elements together, this project reach the sense of delusion that is hopefully similar with those classical surrealist films. Dali’s work was my 2D inspiration this time due to its psychedelic atmosphere that fit into the theme I am focusing on, and the way he merges the background and objects together can be used as an reference ( light source, contrast of sizes, color balance etc.).

It starts with a girl waking up from the bed, and noticing that a lot of objects in her room (book, pen, cup etc.) are floating. She closes her eyes and after she opens it and she realizes that she is facing the sea. Far away from her, several giant plates are rising up behind the sea. (I regard developing the atmosphere of the sequences as the most important thing I have to do for this project, and I really appreciate the visual effect people built for the movie Melancholia. ). She figure out that she is ALIEN and the planets are calling her.