Straw Sculpture


生命不息,美意不绝。在多次的设计实践中,我明白了一个浅显易懂但很珍贵的道理:设计最好的参考就是自然。人类就是自然的组成 部分之一,所以我们对审美的追求也是从自然里变幻而来的。这个作品的灵感来源于珊瑚的形状,而用透明吸管是想模仿珊瑚或是泡沫的一种复杂却通透的美感。

This sculpture is inspired by the structure of coral. The idea of making some natural form into sculpture with one type of artificial object in a massive amount comes from an article I’ve read. It talks about the principles of design come from nature, as well as the principles of beauty – because we as human beings, are a part of nature too; we are made with nature, so that our taste of beauty comes from nature too. If we look at nature closely, from every single little life, we can see art, we can make design out of it.