Self Help App


What I like about this project is I think the feature of some social environments, especially for somewhere that people have trouble to make appointment with doctors. things might changed after the birth of i-doctor system, but using smartphone to do self-check will always be the trend.

(link to youtube: iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine )

The theme of my app project is self-help. The purpose of making this app is to let people check their own body conditions and find some basic solution for them when they are feeling not very well, such as cold and shoulder-ache. The inspiration comes from my daily life. When I feel like I am going to get sick soon and some symptoms appear inside my body such as headache, scratchy throat, I always want to go online to figure out what is wrong with my body, and then find a way to stop it. Usually the symptoms are not strong enough for u to go to the clinic (plus u need to wait in there forever), so I came up an idea to make an app that can give suggestion when people are feeling sick.

The main color I choose for this app is light blue. With this color the interface can bring people a comfy feeling that can make the users to feel better psychologically.

My app has four parts. One of my concepts is to build up a very stable and massive online doctor system that can engage with local doctors or intern-students in the related majors. You can submit your symptoms on the app, and the online doctor will talk to you, also can give you suggestion (of course for some illnesses that are not very serious), recommend some food and medicine you should eat and also some things you should do during the sick period.

The second part is built to help to check your own symptoms by yourself. There is a human body on the second page, by clicking on the different parts, the app will show you the symptoms you probably have. For example when you have a headache, you click on the head part, this app will show you several symptoms such as headache, dizzy, so that you can click on the right one and find a solution for you condition.

The third part is Tips and News. The app can upload the daily healthy tips for the users in order to help them to keep the healthy lifestyles. And the fourth part is the log-in page. After log-in, the users can get personal fitting plan, daily life recording serves and also get connected with the online society.