Some Thoughts about Grad Project

Previously I wrote an essay about light art and critics towards two famous contemporary light artists James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. Both artists “liberated art from its dependency on external light sources and made it the source of its own illumination”, they appreciate the beauty of pureness and simpleness of light, and all those pieces focus on each individual’s present experience and perception within light by playing with one’s perspective. This is exactly what I want to do for my grad project. I was thinking about making a project around “emptiness” or be more specific – “voidness”. “Voidness” is such a subtle word, since it’s always related with the concept of Buddhism, universe, and death. I don’t have a detailed plan for my project, but I was looking for a colour as an representative of the concept of “voidness”. Unfortunately, I realized that I cannot use even black or white to represent this idea since there will be always some imposed meaning behind each colour. Then I came up with idea of using light instead of a simple solid colour. I am still working on it currently, but it’s good that I have found a general direction for me to work on.  
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